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Wedding Guestbook Alternatives

Still on the fence as to even bother with a wedding guestbook? Do people still do that? Whilst we’re romantics at heart a love a little tradition we know sometimes a wedding guestbook can get overlooked by guests.

Here’s why we think it’ still great to have a guestbook and even better to go alternative! First and foremost, a wedding guestbook is all about sentiment and its something at some point you’re going to look back and bring back a world of memories of your big day. However, where do you put it and how do you let people know it’s there? and is it going to just be another one of those books you take home and stash somewhere?! Enter, the Guestbook Alternatives

How can a guestbook be alternative? Well in short, it’s not really a book at all, we like to think of it more as a living memory. We’ve designed wedding artwork to sit centre stage on a canvas/acrylic in which your guests sign around and as it’s supported upright on an easel, there’s no missing it! After your big day, it’s then all ready to be hung at home where you look at those well wishes every-time you pass it and we think thats pretty special!

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